Cooker Coolers
Cooker Cooler

If your priority is on heating or cooling and superior mixing, chances are a Lee cooker cooler is your best option. The shallow shape and large diameter allows for greater heat transfer that results in faster heating and/or cooling times for the most efficient processor. Looking for something to store or process your product? Consider a Lee tank.

Lee Industries Cooker Cooler Styles

Designed for optimum thermal transfer, these low-profile vessels are custom designed with a Uniflow coil jacket on both bottom head and sidewall plus they feature a full-scraped surface, double motion counterrotating agitator. Isolated hot and/or cold spots are eliminated even during extreme heat-up and cool-down cycles.
If you aren't sure if a cooker cooler will meet your needs, or are overwhelmed by the choices, call us. Tell us what your specific needs are and let us put our decades of knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Cooker Cooler Options & Accessories

While the style of cooker cooler you choose will have its own set of features, you also have the opportunity to choose from a few other options.
Vacuum/Pressure Capabilities

Most of our equipment can be designed with vacuum and/or pressure capabilities. Vacuum capability allows for cooking at lower temperatures, de-aeration, vacuum addition of ingredients and vacuumcooling. Pressure capability allows for cooking at higher temperatures,as well as providing a liquid barrier on the products. It also allowsthe vessel to be sealed during the production of hazardous materials.

Electropolishing and Finishing

We recognize the demand for high-quality, durable, ultra-sanitary finishes. We provide world-class mechanical finishes and can also provide electropolish finishes on all of our parts and products.

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